Reward members with discounts on events, services, goods, and premium content, while connecting and building their network.

Groups, Clubs, Associations and Affiliate Networks

Membership and association management is at the core of The Community Cloud. So when you think of The Community Cloud, think membership or association Management PLUS engagement. If you already have a membership or association management system and are happy with it, then, keep it. Use our open API or Zapier integration to extend your limited engagement capabilities to The Community Cloud and grow Membership.


Businesses use The Community Cloud as a community-based rewards platform or an alumni Network for former employees. Invite customers to join your branded online community so that they can receive membership level rewards that include member level content and discounted pricing for event tickets, goods, and services.

HR Professionals

Diversity and Inclusion recruitment is all about relationships. The Community Cloud connects HR Professionals to diverse communities instead of diverse candidates. The employer profile and job opportunities are shared with community members that match any diversity context.

Community Admins

Community Management isn’t easy. It takes time, resources, and creativity to keep a growing community engaged. Our tools make it easy for you to grow your responsibilities from management to governance.

Our Clients