A management & engagement solution that enables deep lasting relationships between you and your audience members.

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The Community Cloud

With each paid subscription of The Community Cloud, you will get

Community Website

Pick & customize a professionally designed website. Each website allows Audience members to purchase workshop registrations, event tickets, book a service with a community professional, make one time membership payments & apply for membership.

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Community Portal

Audience members can access your content, experiences, and offerings. They can upgrade to a paid membership to receive exclusive content, special pricing, and access to like minded people.

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Community Member App

Used by both audience and community members to stay connected while on the go. Audience members can stay connected to you and make purchases, while community members have a safe and secure place where they can engage and share with each other.

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Who uses Community Cloud?

A safe place to share the information you don’t want on public social media platforms. Great way to keep close friends and family connected.

Provide exclusive content, special pricing, and access to like minded people for a low monthly fee. Audience members are interested in your content, insights and offerings.

Save time with streamlined appointments and bookings. Keep audiences engaged with content and offerings,create a membership revenue because Audience Members will pay a low monthly fee to access exclusive content, offerings and discounts because there is value.

One place for members to stay connected, share ideas, documents, opinions, and feedback. Give members tools to organize, collaborate, track deliverables and pay membership fees for access to exclusive content, special pricing, and access to like minded people

Sell products & services online, collect payments, build customer database, manage team members, manage trainings and events, schedule meetings.

Provide a safe space for students and alumni to stay connected, organize, collaborate, participate in training & workshops, or purchase events or items from the Store.

Our Benefits

Save Time & Money

Avoid the capital investments and time needed to build custom software for organizational, member management, and engagement. Enroll today and launch an Online Community in minutes, not days, weeks or months.

Easily and quickly move from juggling many platforms to one simple solution for management, engagement, and organizing. Get rid of multiple subscriptions and reduce the time of having to re-enter data across the different platforms.

Community Tools that help
  • Event, Training & Workshop Management
  • Service and Booking Management
  • Groups
  • Deliverables
  • Meeting Management
Get Paid Quickly

The Community Cloud has integrated payment solutions and flexible payment options for your audience members. Members can pay for tickets, workshops registrations, products, professional service appointments, and most importantly, access to exclusive content and membership discounts.

Community Tools that help
  • Community Merchant Account
  • Website
  • Member App
  • Community Portal
  • Offerings
Increase Engagement

The Community Cloud makes it easy for members to connect and engage with the content you provide and with each other. With our engagement tools, members are empowered to share within the community, a workshop and event, or Groups. Direct Messaging and Video Calling enables members to share differently without sharing personal contact information.

Organize into groups of like minded people, topics, interest, location or department, interact with group members separately, engage and stay organized. Turn on the Marketplace and provide easier access to all your offerings into one place.

Community Tools that help
  • Shares
  • Chat & VIdeo Calling
  • Groups
  • Feedback
Increase Revenue

Audience members follow you because they are interested in your offerings, want to learn from your experiences, share or support your mission, or want access to like minded people. Whatever the reason, there is value that is unlocked and can be monetized with The Community Cloud.

Create levels of membership, publish content, provide discounted pricing, and engagement options based on the membership level your audience subscribes to.

Community Tools that help
  • Promotional Codes for offerings
  • Membership Levels
  • Membership Level Discounts
  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Marketplace
Trust and Security

The foundation of any community is Trust. Community members trust you or the brand that you represent. Unlike public social media platforms, you own your data and it is not resold for marketing purposes. Your discussions are private, shares are private, and you control who has access to your safe space.

With The Community Cloud you create a trusted and safe space where audience members can be their authentic selves.

Community Tools that help
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Membership Levels
  • A Dedicated Cloud Community
  • Privacy Settings

Who uses Community Cloud?

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Works on all major platforms, enabling you to work seamlessly across your browser, mobile device, tablet, and computer.