Community Builds Relationships.
Relationships Solidify Trust.
Trust Drives Revenue.

Upgrade to an online business in minutes

Take your product, service, events, or training idea and turn them into an offering in minutes. B2B businesses can customize pricing, manage work orders, and payments easily. B2C businesses get to upgrade customers to members and reward them with discounted pricing, exclusive content, and offerings.

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When connected, they spend more

You've worked hard to build real connections with your community. So why give your hard work away? Gather your customers into your community and manage them in one place. Energize members and staff with one customer and member experience. Save time on administrative tasks and excite members with a social media experience, tools to stay connected, and most importantly a safe, secure, and private space where they can be their authentic selves.

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Publish, inform and engage

Save time when publishing content to your audiences. Give them tools to stay connected, to each other, and to you. Keep them engaged with groups, feeds, topics, posts, pictures, videos, and links to content. Share across the network, in the chapter, a group, an event, or workshop, and see posts made by the connections you’ve made. Subscribe to topics and be notified when there is a post.

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Create public and private experiences for your audience

On The Community Cloud, your Community Website is the public face or use The Community Cloud's WordPress plugin to share community offerings in your WordPress website.

Curate private experiences for your audience with a Community Portal and co-branded or brandedmember apps.

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Integrated Payments & Reminders

A payment solution for everything you do. Accept one time payments or allow payment plans for purchases. Increase conversation with payment reminders and drip campaigns for events, workshops, products, services, and membership, all in one place.

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Affiliates, Franchises, Networks, and Chapters

They are each unique, and when you add the complexity of multiplying your organization's reach through a new chapter, affiliate or franchise, the community cloud is uniquely positioned to enable this. Set governance policies that chapters or affiliates within your network must follow and provide the tools to operate independently and establish their own brand and culture.

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