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The Community Cloud

What You Get

A Cloud Community

A 3 in 1 integrated payment solution, a customer or member engagement portal, mobile app, and Website Builder.

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A Business Directory

Collect ad revenue from businesses that want to advertise to your audiance and website visitors

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A Community Marketplace

Collect subscription Revenue from vendors and allow them to sell direct to customers without sharing member information.

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Who We Serve

A safe place to share the information you don’t want on public social media platforms. Great way to keep close friends and family connected.

Build relationships and increase transactions.
Use The Community Cloud to build community around a product, service or mission. Audience members are interested in you, your content, your insights and your offerings. Create a new revenue stream by offering exclusive content, discounted pricing, and access to likeminded people for a low monthly fee.

Get participants engaged before, during and after a training or an event. Upsell membership for access to exclusive content, discounted pricing, and a network of like minded people. There's value in what you do and your audiance will pay a monthly fee to stay connected.

One place for members to stay connected, share ideas, documents, opinions, and feedback. Give members tools to organize, collaborate, and track deliverables. Offer membership for access to exclusive content, discounted pricing, and access to like minded people

Everything you need to sell products, services, registrations, and membership. Easily manage and engage staff, customers, and members. The more engaged they are, the more they spend with you

Provide a safe space for students and alumni to stay connected, organize, collaborate, participate in training & workshops, or purchase events or items from the Store.

Our Benefits

Save Time & Money

Avoid the capital investments and time needed to build custom software for organizational, member management, and engagement. Enroll today and launch an Online Community in minutes, not days, weeks or months.

Easily and quickly move from juggling many platforms to one simple solution for management, engagement, and organizing. Get rid of multiple subscriptions and reduce the time of having to re-enter data across the different platforms.

Community Tools that help you save time and money
  • Event, Training & Workshop Management
  • Service and Booking Management
  • Groups
  • Deliverables
  • Meeting Management
Increase Engagement & Revenue

A Membership level turns engagement and access into revenue. Here’s how

By making it easier for members to access content, and to share authentically and safely, you will increase engagement. Direct Messaging and Video Calling give members the freedom to share without providing personal or social media information. People already follow or have joined your group because the content is valuable and engaging; so produce more of it and make it easier to consume.

Lastly in exchange for a small monthly fee, members will pay for access to content, groups, and like-minded people because you have created value and that’s why they follow you today.

Community Tools that help
  • Shares
  • Chat & VIdeo Calling
  • Groups
  • Feedback & Polls
Trust and Security

People follow you because they trust you, your platform, and see value in what you offer. Use The Community Cloud to amplify and extend that trust to safe, and secure spaces for people to be their authentic selves.

Unlike social media platforms, The Community Cloud does not sell your data, or force you to compete with advertisers for your members attention. We provide engagement and management tools that you used for a small fee, so there are no advertisers and the data is owned and managed by you.

Community Tools that help
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Membership Levels
  • A Dedicated Cloud Community
  • Privacy Settings

Who uses Community Cloud?

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