Q3 2019 – Member App Updates

Q3 2019 – Member App Updates

These months major improvements to The Community Member App were released to Google Play and the Apple App Stores.

Below is an overview of the release.  Click the icon to view a Community Center article that explains the improvements in detail.


Now members have the online community right in their palms. The new member app makes it easy for members to stay connected and share while on the go.

Access everything you need to know about your community option. From here members can:

  1. View Monthly Activities
  2. Access the Community Store
  3. View Community locations or Chapters
  4. Access the Member Directory
  5. Schedule an Appointment

Member Profile

The Member Profile is now 1 click away. From here, members can

  1. Share what’s happening with them
  2. Update their Community Profile
  3. View their purchase and RSVP history
  4. Access Workshop Promo codes
  5. View the workshops they have taken
  6. View Appointments they have made
  7. View meetings they have attended

Mobile and Web Chat

Most Social Media Platforms have a private and group chat feature. Now your online community does too.

Search for members, send a request and start chatting, exchange images, and videos too.

With Chat, Members can:

  1. Start a Private or Group Chat
  2. Send Images, files, or URLs to your favorite YouTube clip.
  3. Start a conversation on your mobile device and continue it from the community portal.
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