A safe and secure space

The Community Portal is at the heart of each Cloud Community. It is a private space for community members to engage with you, with each other, and to purchase offerings. 

Only authorized people have access to Community Extranet. Each person is assigned a community role that grants permissions to use tools and access content. There are permissions to publish and view content, find and connect with other members, and to purchase a community offering, and engage with you.

Any authorized user can access the Community Extranet, and your community role determines that you can and can not do within the cloud community or the Community Network.

Here is a brief summary of the types of community members


These are well-wishers, supporters, donors, or anyone that is not an “official” member of the community. They can log into the extranet, but are limited to being able to and view public shares, their purchases and their profile.


These are people that have gained membership by purchasing it or being granted it. Dependent on the community configuration, they can share with the community, connect with members, join groups and receive discounts on purchases.


These are people that can act on behalf of the Community. These can be trainers, admin staff, and service providers. Basically, anyone that a Guest or Member would want to book time for a consultation or service.


Administrators are authorized users who perform management, setup, and engagement responsibilities for a cloud community or network. In short, they are super users.