Community Portal

Community Portal

Community portal is at the heart of The Community Cloud which allows a private and safe space for the community owners, members, professionals and non members to interact with each other and engage in community discussions and activities. 

Community portal breathes life into online communities, this is a platform where a virtual online community comes to life. Community users can log into the portal, a virtual space where all of them can come together and share their views and ideas, create memories, build connections with other community members and participate in community events or workshops. 

So what is the community portal all about and who uses them?

In a typical community there is usually a community owner which can either be an individual or an organization who owns and manages the community. In the same way, communities have their members who are associated with the community in some ways, engages in the community activities and follows the community. Along with members, there are also our professionals who perform work on behalf of the community. Lastly we have our well wishers whom we call non-members who make some form of contributions to the community without active engagement and participation.

Community portal is for all those users, be it a community manager, members, professionals or non members, it brings together and unites them around the community.

Community Members

Community members can join the community, post pictures, videos or any comments on the community what’s happening feed, see posts from other members and participate in discussions, join multiple groups and chapters, interact with other members through chat, voice or video call, participate in community meetings, events and workshops, purchase memberships, book and make payments for professional services, purchase merchandise and many more from the community portal.


These are community members that have been certified to provide a service on behalf of the community. Professionals can offer their services to the community users, manage bookings and appointments, receive payments, interact with other community members, manage workshops and events, and many more through the community portal.

Community Managers

Community managers or owners are the administrators who can perform all community management tasks across all features. They set the brand tone and guide the community. They can assign different roles and permissions to the members, certify members to be professionals who can then carry out services on behalf of the community. They can create different community offerings like events, workshops, merchandise and manage them effectively.


Non-members are well wishers of the community. They could be  Customers, Donors, and subscribers who can log into the portal and view their contributions to the community.

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