Professional App

Professional App

We asked ourselves, What does a community usually consist of? 

We have our community leaders and community members. But we were still missing something, therefore we took a long hard look and we discovered we were missing our professionals in the community.  

Our team envisioned a way in which we could empower our professionals and we came up with a mobile app just for community professionals.  A professional is a community member that performs work on behalf of the community.  The Professional app empowers a  Community Professional to stay connected to the community while providing services on its behalf.

Offer services to community members

As a professional, you can create the list of services that you wish to offer to the community members through the professional app. Choose your work days and hours, service types, be it an hourly service or a session we have got it all covered for you.

View and manage appointments

Once the members book your services, you can save time and review your appointments through the app and plan your day accordingly, so that you can always stay on the top of your game and do what you are best at.

Collect Payments

Yes, it’s not only about managing your bookings and appointments, we also care about getting you paid on time. You can choose to collect your payments at the time of booking or later when the services are rendered. The choice is yours.

Engage with community members

We understand that it is equally important to engage with your customers and other members, hence from the app you can chat with other members, view their posts from the community feeds, and show your active participation in the community.

Manage workshops and events

With the event management you can now organize events effectively like never before. Create events, sell tickets, manage seating arrangements, guest lists, RSVPs, or the schedule of events, collect feedback and more in one place.

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