Website Builder

Establish a public face to your private online community in minutes or create a landing page for a click funnel. 

The website builder makes it easy a create a professionally designed website, without any technical coding.  Create an entire website or landing, you can do both with The Community Cloud.

The website builder comes with out of the box payment solutions to sell tickets for events, product or merchandise, and accept bookings for the services with, or without payment. 

That’s right, avoid the expensive price tag of time and money, a risks of hiring someone or a company to build a custom website.

Here’s what you get with our website builder:

Page Menus

Select from the growing list of menu styles for your website. Here are just a few

Four (4) Types of Web pages

  • Brand pages are perfect for marketing and partner programs.  Easily route traffic from your website to theirs. 
  • Community pages make it easy to share community content on your website.  List experiences, workshops, services, and accept payments for them without custom code.
  • Custom pages use components that you can easily drag, drop, and order to customize a webpage.  They are easy to customize too.  You can change a component’s background, image, font color, or sizes.  There are over five (5) categories, with a growing number of components that you can use.
  • Landing pages are unique webpages for targeted messaging to highlight a product, a service, or an experience.  A landing page is not apart of your website.  They stand alone, have their own website address, and are a great way to start a click funnel for a marketing campaign.