What we do

We connect people to brands, the brand’s offering, and to each other.


Before we were The Community Cloud, we were a provider of custom software services. We worked with our clients to create or leverage software that solved engagement, operational, and customer self-service problems.

Clients would approach us with an idea and we would help them turn the idea into software that creates value. We got bored and didn’t feel good recreating the wheel and charging small businesses, clubs, and groups for DIY websites and software solutions that solved these problems.  Out of boredom or innovation, we created The Community Cloud to make building online communities easier while connecting employers to diverse groups and creating software that makes a difference.


  1. Be the Customer – We do not build software solutions for ourselves, we build them for our customers.
  2. Be Iterate – Innovation is not a Urika moment, its a process of learning from unintended outcomes. We encourage teams to create incremental solutions and to build upon concepts.
  3. Be inclusive – Our experience has shown us that when you have a group with different backgrounds, sexual orientation, cultures, and life experiences focused on one solution, some really innovative stuff happens.
  4. Be Impactful– Create opportunities for groups to connect, give back, and pay it forward.

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