Meeting Management

Meeting Management

Save time, collaborate, and be prepared with formal meeting management tools. Perfect for a board, a charter school, or any organization that uses Robert’s Rules of Order.

Create meeting agendas and share them with your team. Allow members to provide feedback and attach supporting materials to agendas. Record meeting minutes, capture motions and distribute meeting agendas.

With this feature you can:

  • Save time and easily distribute meeting materials electronically.
  • Maintain a searchable history of motions and their results.
  • Members can access meeting outcomes from the Community Portal, or from the Member App.

Community Portal

  • Save time by drafting and distributing meeting agendas electronically.
  • Save resources by recording and publishing meeting minutes electronically
  • A searchable database of motions

Member App

  • Access meeting agendas and minutes while on the go
  • Allow members to vote on motions from a phone.

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