Cloud Community

$325 per month

All vendors to sell directory to your members and keep your membership private.


Unlimited Guests, 100 Members, 3 Professionals, 1 Administrator, 25 Directory Listings and 15 Marketplace Vendors

Plan Features
  • Includes Community Plan Features
  • Member App
  • Member Portal
  • Business Directory
  • Marketplace
  • Includes Directory Offerings
  • Service Appointments
  • Professional Appointment

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Monthly Top Ups

Add Administrators, Members, Professionals and Locations at anytime.

Unlimited - Community Guests
$ 0.50 - Per Member
$ 5.00 - Per Professional
$ 10.00 - Per Administrator
$ 1.50 - Per Directory Listing
$ 2.50 - Per Marketplace Vendor
$ 25.00 - Per Location

Optional Features

Enhance your Membership with these optional Plan Features

White label The Community Cloud and create a transparent member experience. Starts at: $999.95 per month
The Community Cloud Support get access and help from community experts that care. Starts at: $299.95 per month

Each Community Plan Includes

  • 1 Location
  • 10 Groups
  • 50 Monthly Meetings
  • 50 Monthly Surveys or Polls
  • Unlimited Documents
  • 10 Projects

For Large Private Communities

Each online community is unique. Some have custom service levels and require dedicated hosting, single sign on and more. Contact us today and get a quote for a custom plan that meets your business needs.

A custom plan configurations includes:

  • Dedicated Hosting - All data and files are stored in a separate and secure environment that is access with via your domain.
  • High Availability - Strategically deploy services to geographical regions and scale to meet the demands for a growing community.
  • Disaster Recovery - Your community data is routinely backed up to ensure minimal loss of data.
  • Signle Sign On - - Provision access to your community using the tools that are integral to your organization.
  • Custom Support - Create a helpdesk for your community, request new reports, features, or connect The Community Cloud to existing systems.

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