Q4 2019 – Member App Enhancements

Q4 2019 – Member App Enhancements

Face Calling

Video Call Conference Chatting Communication Concept

This month, we’ve enabled Face calls so that members can have video calls without sharing personal information. Connected members click the Face Call option to start a 1-to-1 video conversation.

This feature is currently available on the Member App and will be released on the web app in future releases.

What’s happening 2.0

We have made it easier to stay informed and engaged. What’s happening wall posts from the groups, workshop, events, and profile posts are automatically pushed to your what’s happening feed.

Post Topics – Members can subscribe to a post topic and The Community Cloud will push those topic posts to your What’s Happening fee.

Post to the Public– Selecting this option when making a post will allow you to copy the link and share it on social media sites and allow people outside your community to respond to Post.

Post to the Network – Now you can have members conversations across the network. When selected, the Post will appear on community within the network. This exciting new feature this option

QR Code Check-in

Save time with when Checking into events, workshops and service appointments by displaying the QR Code for your purchase and let a community professional check you into the event in minutes. 

Service Bookings

If your community is build around a service, or if you have an existing community and want to add services, this is the new feature you’ve been waiting for.

Members can browse your service offering and book time with you or a certified member of your team. Our booking interface makes it easy to book multiple appointments on the same day for different people.

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