I want to grow a community

I want to grow a community

So, you may not have thousands of social media followers, or a large email list, heck, you may not even have a website.  One of the biggest myths we hear is that in order to launch a paid membership site or start a community driven business, is that you must start with tens of thousands of social media followers or a meaty email list all your own.

We’re here to tell you that it just isn’t true.

Start by focusing on a few simple strategies to bring awareness and to hone that awesome idea, cause, product or service.  Then use The Community Cloud to create a membership site, and provide your audience with a web and mobile app and beat your competition to market.


How to beat your competition?

It’s easy when you don’t have the heavy task of assembling a team, or selecting a vendor that can build or customize a membership website to attract new members, or to create a custom member portal and mobile app.

Whether you are an Influencer, or an Organization with an audience of 10, 100, 1000, or 1,000,000.  The process of moving your audience from one platform to another is the same.  The difference is, the size of the team, the level of coordination amongst team members, the amount of communication needed because you have a much larger team, and the top 3 things that the audience does.

Influencers and organizations that move to a cloud community early, are nimble, agile, and do not have the same set of limiting logistical assumptions as counterparts that have built big audiences, or meaty email lists do.  Now, that’s not to say that you’re not going to have to get a little creative, stay focused, and start small, but so many of our cloud communities have been launched by influencers or organizations who:

  • Don’t have a social media following
  • Don’t have an email list
  • Don’t have a membership structure built yet

And they are on their way to some pretty great results.

What sets these emerging influencers or organizations apart from the rest of us? They have an idea that’s memorable, and it’s specific enough to capture people’s imagination and attention.

That’s it. That’s all you need.

Start For Free

What’s the best way for me to get started? 

Here’s our recommendation:

  1. Join a Webinar. Register and join our monthly webinar where one of our community experts can share the latest enhancements and helpful tips to grow your online community.  If you are just starting out, you can quickly build your confidence and foundation (including how to launch from scratch)
  2. Join the Community Center.  This is a resource for community leaders. We recommend several popular articles specifically designed for people who already have a community and how-to articles to maximize your cloud community.
  1. Get started for free. Create a Cloud Community account for free and take your cloud community for a spin.

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