Why You Should Make the Switch to an Online Community

Switching to a cloud community saves time and money

Aristotle once said that humans are social beings. While this Greek philosopher and scholar might’ve said this based on personal experience (the man loved to talk in front of a crowd), it proves true to this day. The moment we first came into this world we have been wired to connect with others. To grasp that finger reaching out to us. To share our highs and lows with our loved ones. To communicate what we feel. To read each other’s emotions and respond accordingly. We go through life by interacting and communicating. We want to be in the company of friends and family and share everything with them. We crave social interaction, and it’s true even for the most introverted ones out there. We talk about what we had for breakfast, how our work probably sucked, or how we almost tripped on a perfectly flat surface on the way home.

If you think about it, most innovations discovered since the 18th Century were for the purpose of bringing us closer to each other. From the invention of the printing press and steam engine to the telephone, high-speed internet, and social media, our need for social interaction is so strong that we found a way to cross long distances with just one click on our smartphone.

An online community

The internet is what’s keeping us more connected than we’ve ever been. The number of messages, phone calls, and video calls happening simultaneously around the world are astonishing, to say the least. Social media allows us to follow and connect with people that have the same interests as we do. You can ask questions about anything and an expert halfway across the globe can give you the answers you’re looking for. You can video call your family member who’s working abroad. Even the saying that learning is not isolated to the four walls of a classroom has never been truer, with the rising popularity of online learning, especially during this global pandemic. We communicate, share, interact, and connect online – basically, an online community.

How friends, couples, and families can start an online community with The Community Cloud.

An online community has never been more in demand than now. With the global pandemic we are currently facing, social interactions such as going out to eat, watching movies in cinemas, traveling for vacation, or even giving a simple handshake are currently on hold. Our daily lives have been so affected that staying in our houses has become a piece of medical advice and going out while wearing a mask is the norm. Work-from-home is the new set up for the working population. Using one of the world’s most powerful social tools to interact with a global audience, you can cross great distances without leaving the comforts of your home.

The concept of a private online community platform exclusive for your family and loved ones might be too excessive at first, but this is exactly what The Community Cloud aims to offer. It’s not all the time that you can be together with all of your loved ones. A job transfer, a schooling abroad, a relocation – all these things can happen and can affect your relationships. And with travel restrictions being imposed all over the world, you cannot easily book a ticket and go where your friends and family are. The Community Cloud can help you stay connected with your partner, your family, and with your friends; and keep you updated despite being away from them.

Unlike Facebook groups and other social media platforms, The Community Cloud offers an exclusive online community platform that will keep any information or files you share among your loved ones and friends secure and private. Creating and joining an online community that is secure and private allows you and your members to feel safe and be their true, authentic selves free from judgment from other people. Much like how, at times, you’d prefer to keep your circle close, The Community Cloud wants to offer this experience to our customers.

Privacy and Security Issues

Facebook and other social media platforms have suffered a backlash from the way they handle private data from their users. Two years ago, Facebook found itself facing data privacy scandals, collusion with a political consulting firm, and the spread of fake news. The social network apparently gave access to users’ data to third-party firms such as media companies, businesses, brands, and even political consulting firms without consent. Social media platforms such as Facebook have control over the personal data you input, and this puts you at risk. In an online community, your data is secured and kept private since TCC offers a shared non-public community cloud platform. You won’t have to worry about fake accounts or fake news spamming your newsfeed or timeline. You won’t have to deal with your identity being stolen and your name being used in a fake account.

Share memories and moments

You can share memories and moments through photos and videos on your family and friends’ online community. Even the simplest photo or thought that you have the urge to share, you can do so without worrying about a stranger’s comment. Social media platforms have been overcrowded and overwhelming because of the number of accounts and curated contents being tossed around. Some of us just want to share whatever we want without worry for what other people might think, and The Community Cloud offers this exclusive online community for you and your family and friends to be your authentic selves.

Your private social media platform

Fake accounts and fake news have been populating our feeds and timelines on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You won’t have to worry about your identity and name being copied or stolen with an online community as secure as The Community Cloud. You can trust that your private information is in good hands – your hands – because you have full control over anything you share within your online community. You, your family, and your friends can freely celebrate intimate and personal moments such as birthdays, graduation, getting a job, starting school, getting married, and more. You won’t hesitate to post or update these personal events because you’ll be sharing them with the people you want to share such moments with.

Overcoming boundaries

An online community lets you stay connected with those far away from you. They might be friends who just relocated, your partner on a business trip, a nephew who started boarding school during the fall, or your family back at home. Long distances, while still obvious, won’t seem like such a huge obstacle to overcome with The Community Cloud. An online community just for you and your loved ones will make you feel right at home with them. Whether having meals or doing your laundry, these mundane moments can be shared within your own personal community cloud with the people that matter.

With a private online platform, you can be at ease that the moments and memories you share with the people important to you will remain within your online community. Personal moments and life events will be kept private, with no prying eyes invading these precious memories. Connect and reach out to your family and friends through your very own personal social media platform – an online community from The Community Cloud.